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With this course you can improve your health, concentration, reduce stress, think clearly, raise your awareness and consciousness, become more spiritual, and improve your life so that you can be happy, healthy and whole as a person.

Source:https://youtube.com | Channel: jbittersweet | Link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTkSxqPA9XwyhaYwBF4hLbA

Course Curriculum

Guided Sleep Meditation and Hypnosis for Insomnia – Fall Asleep Fast 00:00:00
Third Eye Chakra Meditation – For Psychic Development 00:00:00
Aum/Om Mantra Chanting Meditation for Spiritual Awakening 00:00:00
Crown Chakra Meditation – Higher Self and Intuition Development 00:00:00
Anulom Vilom Pranayam Yoga Breathing Meditation 00:00:00
Positive Affirmations to Boost Self Confidence and Self Esteem 00:00:00
Guided Visualization Meditation with Nature Sounds for stress Relief 00:00:00
Guided Healing Meditation to Heal Your Mind and Body 00:00:00
Yoga Breathing Kapalbhati Pranayama – Yoga for Weight Loss and Losing Belly Fat 00:00:00
Mindful Eating – Awareness Meditation to Break Autopilot 00:00:00
Guided Full Chakra Healing and Balancing Meditation 00:00:00
Trataka – Gazing Meditation to Improve Concentration and Psychic Abilities 00:00:00
Zen Meditation – Guided Zen Buddhism Meditation Zazen 00:00:00
Love Meditation for Unconditional Love and Inner Peace 00:00:00
Zen Meditation Zazen and Kinhin Walking Meditation  00:00:00

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